Advisor and client meeting

Forming Personal and Long-Lasting Client Relationships

My relationship with my clients begins with listening, rather than talking. I want to know everything about them so that, when I provide guidance, it is customized to their values, needs and personal history with money.

I want to know about the “what,” but I’m even more concerned about the “why” – what’s going on behind the “what.”

Over time, my clients have included me in various aspects of their lives, which often extend outside of work.


While anyone with appropriate securities licenses may refer to themselves as “financial planners,” that does not necessarily mean they have earned the CFP® certification. When you see the CFP® letters behind a financial advisor’s name, it means he or she has met the experience requirements of the CFP® Board, has successfully completed financial planning coursework, and has passed the CFP® Certification Examination.

The CFP® certification involves coursework surrounding the following fields:

▪       Principles of Financial Planning
▪       Risk and Insurance Planning
▪       Education Planning
▪       Investment Planning Risk and Insurance Planning
▪       Retirement Savings
▪       Income Planning
▪       Tax Planning
▪       Estate Planning

Emphasis on Personalization and Customization

I do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach – I believe each individual has a unique set of needs, goals, risk tolerance, and overall financial situation. I take the time to truly understand all of my clients’ unique situations so that I can best guide them in pursuing their goals.

Working with me, you can be assured you will receive a customized financial plan, using Stifel’s comprehensive financial planning resources, and we will periodically review your plan together to ensure it is on track for you.

American flag

Serving Those Who Serve

As a veteran and former member of the U.S. Intelligence Community, I welcome the opportunity to work with members of the Armed Services and Civil Service. I understand the personal sacrifices they have made to support and defend our country, while also understanding the unique benefits veterans and Federal employees have available to them. When working with veterans and civil servants, I focus on the following items:

  • Leveraging your potential benefits and their tax status
  • Analyzing your survivorship pension and life insurance options
  • Helping you manage your cash flow to pursue your financial objectives
  • Addressing a second career and reviewing retirement planning options